“Haunted” Tarot Spread

We’re now entering my favorite time of year, and it’s not because of pumpkin spice lattes. I love the introspectiveness of Autumn and Winter. It seems to me that I have a natural urge to “hibernate” during the darker months, letting thoughts and ideas germinate until Spring. (When I lived in Vermont, this unfortunately manifested as Seasonal Affective Disorder.) Since it’s almost Halloween or Samhain, I wanted to create a Tarot spread focusing on “hauntings” in my life. This spread may bring up a lot of emotions so I would suggest doing it together with likeminded friends so you can process it together and support one another.

Haunted Tarot Spread

This is a spread designed to help you think about an important person in your life who may no longer be present. Most of us are “haunted” by someone who has left us, either via death, breakup, or estrangement. Often we may feel that we have some unfinished business with them, or if they “ghosted” us we struggle to understand why. This spread aims to bring a little more clarity and peace into that unfinished business, as well as helping us find a path forward. Keep your journal and maybe a box of tissues handy- this is a heavy one and may stir up some emotions.

Card 1, in the top/center position, is the Significator for this reading. A significator is a card we purposefully choose to represent the person we are reading on. For the purposes of this reading, you will choose a significator representing the person you are “haunted” by. You may wish to choose one of the sixteen court cards in your deck which best represents the person to you, or perhaps one of the cards from the Major Arcana. Take a moment to go through your deck and carefully decide which card you would like to use in this position, then lay it upright on the table.

Then, shuffle your cards and randomly pull Cards 2, 3, 4, and 5 and place them as shown above. You may choose to read them only upright or including reversals, according to your preference.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how this spread worked out for you! Wishing you peace and resolution during the dark half of the year.

Solar Eclipse Readings


Many of us are feeling like something big is about to happen during the solar eclipse on August 21st. I have been dreaming about it for several weeks now. During the eclipse our Sun will be hidden in the Moon’s shadow and then it will be revealed once more. This makes the eclipse an excellent time to reflect on endings and beginnings.

From now until August 20, 2017, I am offering an Eclipse reading via email for $15. This reading focuses on the energies you can let go of and what new influences will be coming into your life. Your reading will be delivered in a .pdf file via email, including a picture of your cards. I usually send your reading within 24 hours unless I get backed up with requests (in which case, I’ll give you a heads up). You can click the button below to purchase your Eclipse Reading.

Do Soul Mates Really Exist?

Today I read an article entitled, “Soul Mates Have Worst Relationships.” The premise of the article is that couples who perceived themselves to be soul mates had a harder time dealing with difficulties in their relationship than the couples who didn’t. Soul mate couples felt that if their match was made in heaven, conflict should not exist in the relationship. On the other hand, couples who did not view themselves as soul mates perceived difficulties as simply part of the journey they committed to when they took their marriage vows.

Now, as a Tarot consultant one of the top questions clients ask me is “When will I meet my soul mate?” or “Is he/she The One?” It is a noble question to ask. When I hear a client ask about soul mates, this tells me that they long for a spiritual connection with their partner. They want to be sure that their partner really “gets them” on a deeper level. They don’t want to settle for less. I applaud the folks who want to be sure they’re getting the real thing. You deserve nothing less.

That said, I see some problems with the concept of “soul mates.” First, it assumes that we are each destined to meet a perfect partner who is absolutely right for us in every way. We expect that we should feel like we’ve known this person forever (some view this as a result of having known the soul mate in a past life). We believe our soul mate should love us unconditionally no matter what we do, and that nothing should be able to tear us apart because, after all, we were meant to be.

First commandment of Tarot readings and divination: Nothing is set in stone. Therefore, believing that we are somehow “fated” to meet “The One” does not fit in with my personal belief system. I actually find it disempowering to believe that certain events and people are meant to come into our lives. Are we to simply sit around and wait for “The One” to show up? I mean, it’s predestined, so sooner or later they’ll show up, right?

I think not. If you want a relationship, wouldn’t it be more productive to put yourself out there and make a concentrated effort to meet compatible singles? This is your life and you are the one steering the ship. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather make my own decisions about my choice of a mate than leave it entirely in the hands of Fate, who may or may not deliver.

And then there’s the unconditional love problem. If you believe your soul mate is going to stand by you no matter what because you are a match made in heaven and nothing can tear you apart, you are in a sense absolving yourself of responsibility toward the relationship. By this I mean that you may be giving yourself a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for your relationship. Believing that you are soul mates does not excuse bad behavior in a relationship. I’ve seen cases time and time again where couples cheated on and betrayed each other repeatedly, eroding what little trust was left in the relationship, but were determined to stick it out because they believed they were soul mates. They were both miserable and the relationship was hanging on by a thread. I don’t believe that we, as humans, are meant to be broken and miserable in the name of love. If someone has broken my trust multiple times, I don’t care if we seem to be a match made in heaven. It’s time to seriously question whether this is a good and safe relationship.

Now, I can hear some of you exclaiming, “But I AM in a soul mate relationship and it’s absolutely wonderful!” And I am happy for you! Sometimes we are lucky enough to really click with someone on that deeper level- and it works. It is a beautiful and precious thing, and I hope you celebrate your love every day and never take it for granted.

But I don’t believe you are soul mates. I believe you are very lucky. Not everyone feels that way about their mate. I believe that solid relationships take a lot of work. So even if you do choose to believe that you are soul mates, I hope you remember that you signed up for the journey of a lifetime together. You will undergo trial by fire. Never let “soul mate” become an easy out. You will have to work at your relationship every day no matter how you view it.

Human relations are a bit of a mystery. I don’t claim to know any more about what makes people click than I do about the afterlife or football. Sometimes I observe my dog when we go for walks and meet other dogs. There are some dog butts he’s eager to sniff at first sight, and some dogs he rejects immediately. Maybe we’re all like that, looking for a kindred butt to sniff.

What do you think? Do you believe in soul mates? Why or why not?

August 8, 2014 in Little River: Tarot Card Study Group

The Hierophant, from the Robin Wood Tarot

Join the Grand Strand Tarot Meetup on August 8th at 7 pm at Life in Balance Spiritual Wellness Center for a free Tarot card study group. This month’s card will be The Hierophant. We will spend some time discussing The Hierophant archetype and then we will practice reading for each other using a card spread centered around The Hierophant. Some say this is a difficult card to read, so hopefully after tonight we will all feel more comfortable with him. Bring your favorite deck(s) and a pen and notebook if you wish.

If you have any Hierophant-themed art, poetry, or other creations you’d like to share, feel free to bring those, too! Please RSVP via our Meetup site at http://www.meetup.com/Grand-Strand-Tarot/events/196201822/ so I will know how many handouts to bring.

Our Tarot Meetup group is growing and we have a wonderful mix of Tarot enthusiasts with varying levels of experience. Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve been studying Tarot for years, you will learn something new in our group. Each of us brings our own insights to the table and we help each other gain a different perspective on the cards. Reading for each other is also a great way to get to know each other and make new friends. Come on out and join us!

Myrtle Beach Tarot Class starting in April!


I am very excited about this new class! It will be offered on an ongoing basis. Attend as often as you wish. Each session will focus on different Tarot topics. It is very important that you bring your own Tarot deck to class. You are welcome to use any deck you choose, but if you are a beginner I highly recommend one of the decks listed below. They are based on “traditional” Tarot imagery which forms the basis of this class and will make it easier for you to learn the meanings. If you have a completely different deck, such as one with angels or faeries, you can still use it, but some of the things we will talk about in class may not apply to your deck. If you’re unsure about a deck, feel free to ask me. There are many others out there besides those listed which would work well for the class.

Recommended Tarot Decks for Class:

Universal Waite Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

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Gators and the Nine of Swords, oh my!

The Nine of Swords, from the Rider-Waite deck

In the dream I am floating. Floating, not in relaxation or enjoyment, but because I have forgotten how to swim. It is as though my brain has stopped communicating with my muscles and I cannot move.

I am paralyzed, floating on my back in a murky inlet. It is just past sunset and I have no idea how I will ever reach the shore in my immobile state. I am terrified yet can’t even thrash about in panic.

Naturally, that’s when the alligators come.

At first I am aware of them swimming just beneath my body. Their scales brush the backs of my knees and shins. Still unable to move, I mentally brace myself for the first bite. I am aware that my heart is pounding, the adrenaline pumping through my motionless body. I wonder how it will feel to be torn apart by alligators. I imagine their gaping mouths opening to clamp down on my unmoving flesh. I imagine their horrific reptilian grins and how their eyes will meet mine a moment before…

… the first bite.

It’s just a tickle on the bottom of my foot, this first bite. I steel myself for the next, more painful, wound.

The second bite is almost kittenish. Little needlelike teeth sinking into my heel, and then another on my big toe. And all the while, I feel the gators undulating beneath me and around me. I feel like I’m being… teased.

Somehow I am able to lift my head up now and I examine my feet, the toes poking up out of the water at the sky. Here and there I see a flash of scales as the gators break the surface and then dive back underneath. They are swift, fleeting things, these gators. Perhaps they don’t intent to eat me after all…

…and suddenly, I can move, and I am awake.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So by now you’re probably wondering what all this gator stuff has to do with Tarot. Hang on, I’m getting there.

I recently moved cross-country from my home of 13 years in California to a resort town in South Carolina. This was certainly a traumatic experience for me, as I left behind a steady career, good friends, and a landscape I loved dearly. I came to South Carolina to reunite with family and hopefully, to start a new career and enjoy a lower cost of living. I arrived here with high hopes. But now, the anxiety comes creeping in. I haven’t yet found a job and a relative very dear to me was hospitalized with serious health problems shortly after I arrived. It’s scary not knowing when I’ll have a paycheck again. And it’s scary to watch someone you love go through a rapid decline in health.

And so, the worry creeps into my dreams. Even in sleep, it seems, I cannot escape it. Yet in dreams I am sometimes able to find more creative and productive solutions to problems than I can in waking life.

The Nine of Swords is most definitely a card of mental anguish and despair. It depicts quite clearly the way I must have looked when I woke up from my alligator dream- terrified, out of control, and overwhelmed. Nine swords float above the figure in the bed, symbolizing a panicked mental state. The scene is one of certain doom…

… and yet, it was just a bad dream. No matter how scary it might have seemed, it is over. I haven’t been eaten by alligators. I am still here, despite the problems I face.

The Nine of Swords is, to me, an important reminder to assess my mental state. It can be an indication that I am blowing my troubles out of proportion and allowing them to take over my life. When that happens, I need to take a step back and take a hard look at what I can do to help myself. The kind of worry indicated by the Nine of Swords is often not productive. It’s the kind of worry that sets your mind running on an endless hamster wheel and steals your sleep at 3 a.m. (and gives you crazy alligator dreams). That kind of worry is going to wear you down when you’re already in the midst of problems.

On the other hand, this card can come up to illustrate very real and serious problems. Life gets ugly at times and we all have to deal with some seriously scary and stressful stuff. Ignoring the problem is not an option. The Nine of Swords asks you to honestly allow yourself to feel your stress, worry, or sadness, and then find productive ways to deal with it. With this card, you may be feeling a sense of helplessness or powerlessness, much like I did in my dream. The trick here is not to allow yourself to succumb to those feelings of paralysis and hopelessness. You aren’t a prey animal waiting to be eaten. You are alive, and it’s time to rely on your survival instincts.

When this card comes up:

I suggest meditating on the Temperance and Strength cards. Temperance can help you strike a balance between productive vs. nonproductive worry. Strength (obviously) will help you trust in your own ability to cope. Try placing these two cards in a prominent place where you can sit with them for a few minutes daily.