Myrtle Beach Tarot Class starting in April!


I am very excited about this new class! It will be offered on an ongoing basis. Attend as often as you wish. Each session will focus on different Tarot topics. It is very important that you bring your own Tarot deck to class. You are welcome to use any deck you choose, but if you are a beginner I highly recommend one of the decks listed below. They are based on “traditional” Tarot imagery which forms the basis of this class and will make it easier for you to learn the meanings. If you have a completely different deck, such as one with angels or faeries, you can still use it, but some of the things we will talk about in class may not apply to your deck. If you’re unsure about a deck, feel free to ask me. There are many others out there besides those listed which would work well for the class.

Recommended Tarot Decks for Class:

Universal Waite Tarot

Robin Wood Tarot

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